Cosplay Updates

Well Mai-con is in 3 days trying my hardest to get dark Zelda ready for the competition if shes not completed before Mai-con she will be seen at Ai-con next year as I am missing some of the paints I brought , but Ill try to do as much on her as I can , if not I will only be entering fruits. But leased i will have something to do if I don’t finish it I will have something to do while recovering from my surgery if I feel up to it.

Also updating the site and fixing up a few things as well.

New News

Well on the 14th July I was in a group that consisted of Kai, Eden, Mathew and myself in a cosplay comp at Avcon in SA, we did skyward sword I was goddess Zelda at the closing ceremony we found out we had won Best Amateur First Place Iam off to Manifest next

Hello world!

Welcome to Kawaii Dreams my cosplay site on the web ,my Cosplay and Lolita corner on the web. My name is Kathleen also known as Zelda in cosplay circles as I cosplay Zelda a lot.

I will add information here about my cosplays , what I plan to cosplay and my progress. I will also post up My Lolita stuff as well.
I have here my props , Cosplay costumes. And also my plans for future cosplays.

I will be also adding a photography section to the site for my photography.